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May 09

New legislation with benefits

Changes aimed at improving housing affordability have passed through parliament under new legislation. Government proposals around improving housing affordability in Australia were passed through parliament on 7 December 2017. As part of the changes, first home buyers will be given a tax concession through the ability to save for a home deposit inside super, while Australians aged 65 and […]

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Apr 18

All you need to know about Transition to Retirement – TTR

Younger generations should arguably be in a better position to self-fund retirement at the current super guarantee rate of 9.5% which is set to rise to 12% by 2025. But the sooner they start planning their transition to retirement (TTR), the better. Overview of TTR With transition to retirement (TTR) you can keep working while […]

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Apr 14

Eliminate the Disease of Debt

The way to eliminate debt and become financially independent is to stay motivated. Plan out a way which suits your budget to continuously pay off your bills so it becomes a norm. Always keep a good momentum as to why you want to be debt free. I want to go overseas? I want to buy […]

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Mar 14

5 Mistakes to avoid in Financial Planning

Everyone makes mistakes during their investment lifetime; the trick is to avoid them when you can and learn from the ones you can’t. HAVE A PLAN Failing to plan for retirement and build up savings is one of the most common mistakes. Having adequate retirement funds can be undermined by unrealistic expectations about future lifestyle […]

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Mar 07

Life insurance helps you and your loved ones

How insurance can help you and your loved ones No one likes to imagine the worst, but it’s worth thinking about what would happen if you were no longer around to provide for your loved ones. Many people think life insurance only covers you in the event of your death. But in reality there are many […]

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Dec 16

Holiday debt – try to avoid it

Enjoy yourself without bringing home a mountain of high holiday debt. I do love a catchy new phrase, and this one made me laugh. “Debt lag” is a new one for me. It seems that as Chrissy approaches we plan a holiday, but don’t quite get around to saving for it. So some 2 million […]

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Dec 09

Financial crisis: when things don’t go to plan

If you’re experiencing financial crisis – if you’ve taken some hard knocks – then you’ll know how quickly things can spiral. We look at five ways you can take charge. Give me the main points Talk to a free government-funded Financial Counsellor. Get in touch with your bank ASAP – talk to their financial hardship […]

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Dec 06

Offset account: A better way to manage your mortgage

If you want to repay your mortgage quickly and still have easy access to your additional repayments, an offset account may be worth using. What’s an offset account? An offset account is a transaction account that is linked to your home loan and the money you deposit in it offsets the loan balance before interest […]

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Dec 02

Keys on how to de-stress a mortgage

De-stress mortgage De-stress mortgage: “Don’t sail out farther than you can row back.” This Danish saying is sound advice for anyone thinking of borrowing to buy a home, particularly now that interest rates are low and house prices are generally rising. According to a paper for the Centre of Policy Development and University of Canberra, Australians […]

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